Why Golf Cart Insurance Rates are on the Rise

If you’re a golf cart owner, you may be wondering how much insurance costs. Here’s a look at golf cart insurance rates and what factors can affect them.

The cost of golf cart insurance depends on a few factors, including the value of your golf cart, your driving record, and the state you live in. Generally, golf cart insurance rates start at around $50 per year and can go up from there.

Factors that can affect your golf cart insurance rates include:

The value of your golf cart: If you have a high-end golf cart, you can expect to pay more for insurance than someone with a basic model.

Your driving record: A clean driving record will help keep your rates low, while accidents or traffic violations will cause them to increase.

The state you live in: Some states have higher insurance rates than others. For example, Florida has some of the highest rates in the country due to the number of golf carts on the road.

The amount of coverage you need: The more coverage you need, the more you’ll pay for insurance. Basic liability coverage is typically the most affordable option, while full coverage can be quite costly.

The best way to get an accurate estimate of your golf cart insurance rates is to get a quote from a few different companies. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay.