Golf Cart Insurance in Georgia: Everything You Need to Know

If you live in Georgia and own a golf cart, you may be wondering if you need insurance for it. The answer is maybe. Georgia law does not require golf cart owners to have insurance, but it is a good idea to consider it.

There are a few things to think about when it comes to insuring your golf cart. First, what is the value of your golf cart? If it is a newer model or a higher-end golf cart, it will likely be worth more and therefore you will want to make sure it is properly insured.

Second, what are you using your golf cart for? If you are only using it for leisurely rides around your neighborhood, you may not need as much insurance as someone who uses their golf cart for business purposes.

Third, what kind of coverage do you want? There are a variety of insurance policies available for golf carts, so you will want to make sure you are getting the coverage that you need.

If you are still unsure if you need golf cart insurance, talk to your insurance agent. They will be able to help you determine if it is right for you and your situation.