How Much Does A Ez Go Gas Golf Cart Weigh?

gray and white golf cart

For decades, you have been able to use a gas engine to power your golf cart. However, a number of us have become aware of the problems connected with the gasoline. It is a well-known fact that using gasoline as fuel is one of the primary causes of pollution and environmental damage. The good news is that there are many electric carts on the market. These are golf carts that are powered by electricity. They are more environmentally friendly because they use no gasoline.

However, even though they use no gasoline, they have a few downsides. The first thing you have to consider is how much does a ez go gas golf cart weigh.

Let’s start with the pros. When you drive an electric golf cart, it is not going to be as heavy as a gasoline powered one. The extra weight of a gas cart means that it takes more energy to move the cart.

Electric golf carts are also quieter than their gasoline powered counterparts. You may have noticed that some carts are very noisy when they are in operation. However, a electric cart does not emit noise like a gas engine. You can find electric golf carts at Walmart and most other major retailers.

When shopping for an electric cart, you have to make sure you get a cart that is light enough to move. You can use it without any issues for about a mile or so. However, once you get to about two miles, you have to stop and charge the battery. If you are going to have a long ride, you are better off buying a lighter cart.

Electric carts are easy to operate. Once you have charged the batteries, you just have to plug the cart into an electrical outlet. There are very few buttons to push and it is easy to navigate.

gray and white golf cart


If you are looking for a good quality electric golf cart, you should check out the electric golf cart reviews from the Consumer Reports website. They have a number of different models to look over.

The cons of electric golf carts have to do with the batteries and the batteries life. For example, the batteries will not last as long. So, you may need to change them more frequently. In addition, the batteries can be difficult to replace.

Most of these are a bit expensive, but if you are looking to do your part to save the environment, you will not mind paying for it.

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