Electric Golf Cart Price & Weight Comparison: An Overview

white and black golf cart on gray concrete road during daytime

Are you looking for a golf cart for your business or leisure purpose? Then, this electric golf cart is the best alternative for you. It is lightweight and can carry multiple passengers. Let us see what all types of electric golf carts are available in the market and their weight.

Types of Electric Golf Cart

There are different types of electric golf cars available in the market. They come in two categories; one is battery-operated and other is motorized. We have discussed all types of electric golf carts and their price and weight below.

Battery Operated Electric Golf Carts

These are the best options if you are looking for a low cost option for your daily transportation. These carts are also called as battery golf carts. In these golf carts, you can drive for long distances without any fuel and you don’t need to recharge the cart. These carts also come in many different variants, you can get everything from a small, a medium or a large size. Some of them have extra space for luggage. These carts are very useful for the golf course, camping, the outdoor, etc.

white and black golf cart on gray concrete road during daytime

Weight of Battery Operated Electric Golf Carts

All the battery operated electric golf carts come with the similar weight; it is around 300kgs. This is not much because you can load them with enough luggage.

Motorized Electric Golf Carts

If you want to save the cost of batteries then this is the best option for you. These carts are known as electric golf carts. In this category, you can choose the cart based on your requirements. Some of the carts are small, medium or large. The wheels are made of the best quality and they will make the ride smooth. These carts are more powerful as compared to the battery-operated electric golf carts.

Weight of Motorized Electric Golf Carts

The average weight of the motorized golf carts is around 450kgs. This means that you can carry more amount of luggage with you and you can even go for longer distances.


If you want to buy a golf cart for your personal purpose then you don’t need to spend much on it. Instead of buying a regular golf cart, you can buy a better one. This electric golf cart is equipped with advanced features and can make your riding experience a lot of fun.

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